Netlogic Solutions Asia, Inc.

Netlogic Solutions Asia, Inc is a Filipino-owned IT company. Established in 2003, it remains to have a strong foothold in the industry through continuous innovation of services offered, solutions created and adaptability to change.

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The Team

A Team that delivers

At Netlogic, we believe that just as SAP is integrated, so should be those implementing it – that as a team, each individual is not just responsible for their respective rows, but also with the touch points with other modules. While each consultant should be able to stand by themselves, we measure success as a team. We take pride in the diversity of our consultants, and even more in the unity we have when a task has to be completed. Solidarity and communication among the team members will get the job done effectively.

Our Experience

Our consulting pool has strong experience working both individually and as a team. Over the years, Netlogic has worked on numerous implementations and support environments, each more challenging than the next. The wealth of experience of working together – knowing each other’s strengths and building on weak points – can only be built this way; that is, through time and patience. This cohesive dynamic is key to how we provide quality consulting to all our clients.

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At Netlogic, we understand that in order to succeed, we need strong pillars by which we can lean on – ideals we live by. Our core values summarize what we, as a company, strive to be, and what we expect from our consulting pool.

We give more

Strong and resilient character, unfazed by challenges, client oriented, and dedicated to their success

Ready to Deliver

To go the extra mile, going beyond what is required to reach goals, open to growth, individually, as a team, and as a company,

Client Oriented

Technically competent, and takes ownership, committed to success, not just of the company but the client.


Expert Solutions for your business

Netlogic, at its core, offers high-quality SAP consultancy services to all its clients – not just through implementation, but also through service management and support, body-shopping, or simply just for warm bodies during system go-live. We tailor-fit our services to what the client needs, carefully assessing each requirement to determine how we can best provide our services.


Our team has worked across multiple industries – from pharmaceuticals to manufacturing, and along with that are best practices we have learned from each and every one. Our team has worked with both local and offshore clients and consultants, spread across the continents. We know how to best handle delicate situations, and we are unafraid to take on new challenges that your company will bring us.

Netlogic is on the rise

We believe that our greatest asset is still our people. No one is just a name on the list, just another resource to call upon when we have a client. Netlogic is on the rise, and you can be part of the winning team. We offer rewarding careers and contract opportunities.

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Whether you are thinking of implementing an SAP in your company, joining our consulting pool, or simply interested to know more about SAP and our services, we'd love to hear from you. Send us a message through and will get in touch with you shortly.